Who we are?

About Us

Tat Tvam Asi has been born with a vision of offering elegant, graceful, simple, carefully handcrafted women’s wear for the Indian woman with a discerning eye. We believe that fashion playing a major role in enhancing an individual’s, beauty, confidence and persona. Here we create & deliver elegant designer prêt wear; graceful, understated comfortable and impactful. It is the first Indian women’s wear brand that is created keeping in mind the sensibilities of a mature and real woman. It reflects the values of the contemporary global Indian woman.

What we believe?

Our Vision

Born out of a passion for providing age specific designs and styles for the wholesome Indian figure, Tat Tvam Asi aims to provide apparel solutions to this under-served category in women wear in a large assortment of sizes.


Tat Tvam Asi Woman

Tat Tvam Asi,a Sanskrit phrase, “that you are”, and means all elements in the universe are you & you are everything in the universe. Tat Tvam Asi refers to the relationship of individual with the absolute. Tat Tvam Asi is about a woman as an individual, unbound from her several roles she anchors in life, re-iterating her presence as an imperative being in the universal design. Tat Tvam Asi is about re-asserting & becoming herself, aware of her strengths , sexuality and celebrating her being with élan.

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Creative Head

Nidhi Deshmukh – the creative head.With a career spanning over 20 years in the fashion industry, Tat Tvam Asi is Nidhi’s creative endeavour to initiate change in the fashion preferences of the discerning Indian woman.Besides designing and managing her creative efforts for her label, Nidhi has a passion for sharing her experiences in fashion with young minds. She has been actively involved in education at premier Fashion Institutes in Mumbai and Pune. Painting, writing and travel are the other pursuits in her life.