For years on end we women have been complaining about our appearance.

Some want their tummy flatter, some their thighs tighter. Some want their neck longer and some, their waist narrower.

We, at Tat Tvam Asi believe that every shape is beautiful!

Each one of us is nature’s unique creation, so perfect in itelf. The ideal body figure is something that changes with every culture, region and era. We simply need to quit complaining about our curves or the lack of them and learn to work them instead. Let’s begin by getting to know our specific body shape.

And how do you do that….


There are 4 main body shapes,


The apple or the inverted triangle, pear or the triangle, banana or rectangle and hourglass.

See if you have an apple body type.

Generally described as "top-heavy", this is generally about 14 percent of women where the bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips. Just by looking at yourself in the mirror, you can see if you are an apple body type

Style goal:

For most apple shapes creating or defining a waist is key. Since you carry most of your weight in your upper body it’s important to try and create an illusion of an hourglass shape with your clothes. Show off your narrow hips and slim legs, while drawing attention away from your full tummy

Consider whether you are a "pear" type.

Being the opposite of an apple body type means you are a pear body type. This one is bottom-heavy (or triangle) with about 20 percent of women having hips significantly larger than bust.

You’ll notice if this is your body quite quickly, as your lower body: hips, thighs, and sometimes your behind are more noticeable.Shoulders are narrower, sloping, and not as broad.Usually described as the most “curvaceous” body. It’s a simple one to notice just by looking at your legs as they are sometimes noticeably more wider, muscular, and fuller compared to the rest of your body.The common characteristic of a pear shape is wide hips, thick thighs and legs, small defined waist, and narrow shoulders. Pear shapes are considered to be the most common on women today.Note: Some pear shapes can also look like they’re bordering hourglass

Style Goal–

If you’re a pear your focus is going to be on balancing out your upper body with your lower half. Often pear shapes have a hard time finding bottoms that fit their ample hips and small waist so a tailor should be on your speed dial.

Consider whether you're a straight/rectangular body type.

About 46 percent of women are this shape where the waist is about the same as hips and bust. Your silhouette isn’t as curvy as the pear or apple bodies. Instead, you’ll look fairly straight up with flat shoulders.

Style Goal-

To find clothes that create a curvier shape. A loose fitting dress with a cinched waist, or layers above or below the waist can create a curvier silhouette.

Look at whether you have an hourglass body.

This is the least common with only 8 percent of women. The hip and bust measurements are usually equal, with a narrow waist.


Style Goal-

Hourglass shapes much like the apple tend to have a large chest. Your goal is to find clothes that fit and flatter your curves. Hourglass shapes also tend to look great in classic cuts and styles.

Basically - knowing your body proportions helps you decide how to correct and camouflage parts of your body so you can achieve a balanced silhouette - with curves on all the right places! "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions" - Coco Chanel (French fashion designer)