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Jeans are a vital part of any girl’s wardrobe as they can be worn anywhere or on any day.

While they are the most convenient clothing that can get into daily wear options, they are difficult to pull off without the right knowledge. It is common for jeans to make you conscious about your full figure.


But worry not, we have made a list of tips to maximise the potential of these wonder pants.


1. Go Casual or Formal with a Slight Change

The first thing that comes to the mind when you talk about casual wear is jeans and a t-shirt.

Light-washed jeans are perfect for this style, and you can tack on a light scarf to complete the look. Leaving the t-shirt untucked has an added benefit of keeping things simple while covering your curves. 

If you are looking to go with a little formal touch, the darker the jeans the better the look. Go ahead with a dressy top or the traditional kurta along with a pair of dark jeans. Another way to meet this goal is shrugging on a blazer or jacket to comfortably fit into any office setting with jeans.


2. Dress to your Shape 

Dressing according to your body type is an easy way to ensure that your curves are displayed in the most pleasant way.

  • Apple-shaped figure 
    It is always a good idea to wear light coloured jeans with a black or monochromatic top that end around the hips to add a slimming effect to your figure.

    Mid-rise jeans that cut off a little higher than your natural waist are perfect to highlight a slim waist while covering a tummy and making your legs seem longer.

    Boot cuts or jeans that flare slightly at the ends are a good choice for apple-shaped figures as it adds some necessary girth to thin legs.
  • Pear-shaped figure
    Similarly, benefit from loose, mid-thigh length t-shirts with graphic prints in a casual setting. The jeans should ideally be straight legged with a high rise, not going over the belly button as it covers your butt while highlighting it pleasingly.

    For a flatter bottom, pick jeans with a high rise at the back and a lower rise in the front. This shall keep the jeans from sagging any lower than it should.
  • Rectangle-shaped figure
    It is recommended to wear jeans with a waistband above the belly button to conceal the tummy and providing shape to the hips through the controlling effect that jeans possess. Boyfriend jeans or jeans with an ankle cut are perfect to emphasize the hips or lower part of your limbs, as needed.

    Layer with a denim jacket to make a cool fashion statement while adding shape to your torso.
  • Hourglass-shaped
    Pick high-waisted jeans as it covers the tummy while highlighting a slim waist. If you think that you have a paunch, go for a higher rise as it will emphasize the back while disguising the curves around the front.

    A belt is a good accessory for an hourglass figure as it brings attention to the slim waist while highlighting the figure. It even works in favour of a rectangular body as it subtly provides the illusion of an hourglass shape.

3. Shape Yourself with Your Clothing Sense 

Your dressing sense plays a great role in the appearance of your body type.

Peplum blouses - tops that flare below the bosom are a smart way to bring shape and draw attention to the lower half of the torso, avoiding the rumoured ‘muffin-top’.

Wearing jeans that are cropped around your ankles, along with wedges or heels is a classy trick in the fashion book. It helps in adding some height to your body and makes your legs look longer.

Jeans have a habit of drawing a lot of attention to the thighs and calves. An easy way to avoid this is by completing your outfit with some flashy footwear, tennis shoes for example or by slipping on a jacket or shrug.


4. Value Size and Comfort Over Other Factors 

Like any other piece of clothing,  the right fit for your jeans greatly impacts the entire look of your getup.

The jeans should not be so tight that the material squeezes together, forming lumps at the sides. Nor should it be so loose that it sags below your butt.

You should always pick jeans that flow easily over your legs and fit well around the hips.

Also, keep in mind that most jeans are tight around the waist so you should pick your underwear wisely.


The only thing holding you back from wearing the perfect jeans is an assumption. You can rock your jeans any day, as long as you know that you look good. 

Tat Tvam Asi keeps in mind that the most comfortable clothing is one that fits you perfectly. In sizes between L to 8XL, the right fit is never too far away. Get your jeans and slide on your favourite top with it to rock the day.


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