Tat Tvam Asi is back with a bang and it is time to bring in some post lockdown cheer. 

All items across the store have been brought down to a price of Rs. 1000 or below to fulfill all the fashion needs that could not be addressed in this CoVid-19 induced lockdown

As every wound heals with time and patience, so is our nation finding its way back to stand strong. With each passing fortnight, services all across the country have been coming back to normal and we are glad to announce that Tat Tvam Asi is back to satisfy all your fashion desires.

We are happy to inform you all that we are practicing safety precautions to the maximum and you can read on to know more about them - 


Frequent Sanitation

Sanitation the surfaces of our equipment and furniture has been a part of our hygiene process for a long time and this epidemic has brought the importance of this practice to the forefront. Not only have we amped up the process, but we have also increased the frequency of the cleaning & hygiene process.


Equipped with Masks & Gloves

As it is of utmost importance to maintain the safety of our Tat Tvam Asi family, our first step begins in maintaining the health of all of those working as our internal staff and in our factory. Every individual is equipped with a mask and gloves to minimise contact with the surface and avoid airborne particles to be breathed in.


Oxygen & Temperature Checks

The spread of this illness needs to be cut down at its bud is the major reason that we conduct daily checkups of our staff to measure their temperature and O2 levels. Upon identifying a staff member with any symptom we make sure to provide them a leave till they can nurse themself back to health completely.


Mandatory Social Distancing

Despite the strict following of these measures, one can never be too sure. While getting all of our activities done in our factory and office, a measure we take is to ensure social distancing between our staff. This has only been possible by bringing in the bare minimum staff needed to get tasks completed while letting most of the work being done remotely as much as possible.

Zero Contact Delivery

You can be 100% assured of your safety by our delivery partner as they are trained to deliver goods without participating in any contact. They will contact you via call and message to update you about your package before dropping it off at the point of entry of your residence. 


By following the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Ministry of Health Affairs (MHA), we are able to function well as a unit while maintaining the safety of our staff. 

Not only does this help them, it brings about a general spread of awareness and ensures your safety too in the long run. 

We are currently delivering to all non-containment zones in the country.

We ask you to stay safe and take care of yourself and your dear ones.
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